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It all began with unshakeable optimism to significantly reduce our off the subject marketing while generating scalable leads and finally escaping from the rat race of chasing after clients.

A few years ago, we were just like you - distracted, struggling, and scared.

Our marketing tactics were crashing while we barely got any leads. And to mention here, specifically, the ones we got were so undervaluing that death could cost better.

We were on the margin of giving up, and our entire business was at risk.

That’s when we started to take on things ourselves and left no stone unturned to find the best way to generate scalable and harmonious leads.

After many enduring months of research, prospect’s needs, and testing, we atlas cracked the code to generate quality leads at budgeted cost without ever needing to lift a finger.

And that’s how we inaugurated our Digital Mareting & Lead Generation System.

We are INTRODUCING for the First Time:

Proprietary Digital Marketing and Lead-Generation System for Business Owners like You.

The Most Comprehensive and Result-Oriented digital marketing system by 22arc Digital Marketing Solutions

Mubin Zaman


Hi. I am Mobin Zaman, a business coach and digital marketer passionate about scalable business transformation. I am helping businesses and Service Providers to target their Prospective clients and Build Revenue Streams.

I have been working as Associate Director of Finance and brought up successful outcomes by providing strategic expertise in financial feasibility. With all result-driven financial management excelling, I had an appetite to blend my financial expertise into integrated leadership.

I established 22arc Digital back in 2018 as project consultancy and Digital Marketing solutions to bring a revolution in digital marketing monopoly.

Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.

John C. Maxwell

Don’t Postpone YOUR Future!!!

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